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Our Team

Miguel Panarelli

Miguel Panarelli brings many years of experience in marketing and sales both in the USA and in Latin America. He was born in Argentina and educated there and in the USA. He is fluent in Spanish and has practical and in-depth knowledge of the culture, practices and customs in conducting business in Latin markets. Such skills can only be developed by having lived and worked there. He brings instant credibility to the business process in Latin markets and to Spanish speaking US businesses. That experience is vital for the successful representation of domestic, foreign and international companies. Countries he has worked in include the USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador and several Central American countries.

His strengths in developing in-country assets, relationships and empirical research along with his ability to integrate them into successful sales and marketing programs have boosted market leverage for many firms. Complementing those skills is his passion for success and his talent to coach, motivate and collaborate with client personnel in marketing campaign design, implementation and execution. Miguel is a key Financial Capital Resources executive.

He has gained market entry, launched new products and ensured sales sustainability for clients in telecom, telemetry, IT security, remote process monitoring and large promotional business-building campaigns in banking, consumer services, wholesale and retail.

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Vic Sammartano

Vic Sammartano has 40 years of business experience in numerous functional areas including operations, finance, accounting, marketing, sales and IT management.

He has held executive positions as President, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in large public companies and has also worked as Director of Finance, Controller and Financial Analyst. Vic's responsibilities have ranged from accountability for entire firms to those specific to marketing, sales, manufacturing, operations, human resources, legal affairs and real estate.

Vic's B2B experience in large national and international firms includes product development and market launches. He negotiated and implemented the first long-term sourcing agreement in an industry known for its raw material price volatility; helped develop the successful launch of a nationally distributed product that established a new supermarket retail category and was responsible for the exit strategy when a contract with a major brewer was threatened. Vic brings a wealth of skills across a broad range of disciplines and provides expert guidance to Financial Capital Resources and its clients. Fluent in French he holds a Masters in Business Administration from the Simon School, University of Rochester.

800-733-2219 or 772-800-6464